Sunday Services: 8:30AM and 10:30AM

Wednesday Service: 9:30AM

Rev. Steen will be coming on staff at Grace starting September 3 in the second clergy position. He’ll be working about twenty hours per week, including two Sundays per month. He’ll preach and preside with Rev. Jen, offer leadership support to various ministries, and provide pastoral care and counsel as needed.

A brief Bio: Following 40 Years of work as a parish priest, Rev. Steen joined the Bishop’s Staff in the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago in 2010 where he served as Director of Ministries. He had oversight of clergy deployment and mentoring, and with his staff, was responsible for congregational and leadership development in the Diocese’s 130 congregations. Prior to joining the diocesan staff, Rev. Steen served parishes in several major cities, including Seattle, New York, Washington, DC, and Chicago and was the Executive Director of Prism Parishes, an organization he founded to support vitality in congregations with diverse constituencies. Rev. Steen retired recently from full-time ministry and now lives in Saugatuck with his partner of twenty-six years, Tom.

Rev. Jim has a son, Daughter-in-law and two grandchildren all of whom live in Boulder, Colorado. Jim says, “I continue to be fascinated by all aspects of organizational leadership and am currently drawn to a deeper exploration of contemplative spirituality. Cooking is my favorite hobby.” Be sure to introduce yourselves to him and welcome Rev. Jim to Grace Church!