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Taken in Arkansas during the youth mission trip with Feeding America

Hello from Arkansas!

Christian asked me to write down what I’d learned & experienced so far. Well, I guess the first thing I learned was that going to work at Dutch Village isn’t anything compared to what many people around the world experience on a daily basis.

We’ve watched a few videos on the poverty of people from around the world. It opens my eyes to see how fortunate I really am to have the life I do.

The second thing is; I thought that to make an impact on the world, you need to be able to feed every mouth, educate every child & shelter every family. To do that you need to work every hour and give all your money. While that is a nice thought, it made helping seem more like a daunting chore than a privileged opportunity.

Here I have realized that feeding one mouth or reaching out to one family can make a world of difference. So when I picked out on the field and I felt myself thinking it was hot (93!), I remembered these tomatoes would’ve gone to waste & now some child, maybe it’s only one child, but someone won’t go hungry tonight. And that someone will have more energy to make the world a better place.

So really, those tomatoes aren’t just food, it’s really the future we’re picking off the ground & saving from the dump.

~Love EM