Sunday Services: 8:30AM and 10:30AM

Wednesday Service: 9:30AM

All services of Holy Eucharist (8:30 and 10:30am on Sundays, 9:30am on Wednesdays) are open to anyone who would like to participate in-person (no sign up required).  We will also continue to stream the 10:30 Sunday service online via FBLive. More protocol detail follows the service schedule below.

Note that with the current rise in local Covid cases, masks are required for all worship services and any sort indoor gatherings.

Several pews are marked off in the back of the sanctuary for those who are more vulnerable or would simply like to maintain distance.  We will continue with options for the Passing of the Peace and the distribution of Communion. Clergy and LEMs will sanitize their hands throughout the service and be masked at the very least, when distributing Communion and likely other times too. Our streamed service will conclude with a prayer for the Reception of Spiritual Communion and the sacrament will also be distributed onsite outdoors starting at 11:40 for those who would prefer not to gather indoors. 


The Season of Epiphany

As Covid numbers are still high, masks are currently required in all services of worship. Other protocols also remain in place.

The Advent and Christmas Service Schedule

As long as local Covid numbers remain high, masks are required
in all services of worship. Other protocols also remain in place.

 The Third Sunday after the Epiphany, January 23
       8:30am    Holy Eucharist (Sanctuary) 
       9:15am     Adult Forum (via Zoom) 
       10:30am   Holy Eucharist (Sanctuary & FBLive/YouTube)
      11:40am    Distribution of Communion (outdoors)
       1:00pm     Grace Church Annual Meeting (via Zoom) 

Weekday Services

        9:30am   Holy Eucharist (in the sanctuary) 
   Daily Weekday Service
        12:00pm  Service of Noonday Prayer (FB Live) 

   Friday Evening Service
         8:30pm   Service of Compline (FB Live)

During services of Holy Eucharist, we will continue with Covid safe options for the Passing of the Peace and the distribution of Communion. Our streamed Eucharistic services will conclude with a prayer for the Reception of Spiritual Communion and the sacrament will also be distributed onsite outdoors on Sundays from 11:40-noon for those who would prefer to not gather indoors.  


Weekday Prayer 
Noonday Prayer  is offered every Monday through Friday via Facebook Live. Join us on Grace’s Facebook page or link or via our website. Please share this invitation with friends, family, anyone whom you think could benefit from this prayerful pause in the day.  If you have a BCP, open to page 103 (English BCP) or page 67 (Spanish BCP).  You can also simply pray along with us.   

Friday Compline, 8:30pm on  Grace’s FB page 
Join us and share this invitation with Grace kids, youth, friends, family, anyone whom you think could benefit from this time of prayer at the week’s end. If you have a BCP, open to page 127 (BCP in English) or page 93 (BCP in Spanish).  You can also simply pray along with us.

Worship Service Bulletins 
Bulletins will be printed for those who would like one onsite. You can also bring an electronic device and pull up an electronic bulletin there. Prior to every Sunday, we will send out service bulletins via email and a link will be posted on FB during the streamed services.  Contact the Grace Office if you would like to receive one regularly in your email box.

Grace Kids, Families & Youth

A note to Grace Families from Sarah Shea – 

Grace Families, we are taking a short break in programming for the safety and well-being of all. COVID cases are spiking yet again, and after talking with a handful of parents, the overwhelming theme is “we’re all so tired.” Rather than putting together events that may have to be postponed or even canceled, we have decided to pause programming for a bit. Being a parent is already hard; add in all these extra stressors, and it’s an accomplishment to make it to the end of the day. We see that, and we hear you. We are here to support you, love you, and prayerfully walk with you through these difficult times. We will continue growing into worship, middle school meets, and a modified ski trip. Together we can walk with each other, carrying the loads for one another when it seems like too much. I will leave you with a note that I have been finding solace in lately “No winter lasts forever; No spring skips its turn”- Hal Borland.


Grace Littles (K-5th)

Growing into Worship: We are back in session! Kids (of all ages) are welcome in Growing into Worship. We meet downstairs in the kid’s space at the beginning of the 10:30 am service and rejoin at the passing of the peace. Masks are required for all, and there is still an air purifier in the space. 

NOTE: There will be NO GIW on January 23 & 30. 

Middle and High School (6th-12th)
Middle School Meet (6th-8th):  Middle School is meeting THIS SUNDAY! We will meet in the forum room (downstairs of the church) 11:45 am – 12:30 pm this Sunday, January 16th
Ski Trip: February 19th –  We are shifting the Ski Trip from overnight up north to a day trip to Bittersweet Resort (Otsego, MI). We will plan on leaving in the morning Saturday, February 19th, having lunch there, and then returning mid-afternoon, evening (depending on how tired we all are). Grace will cover some of the cost (TBD). Please let Sarah Shea know if you plan on coming by January 31st. Also – friends are welcome! 

Sunday Forum 
9:15-10:15 via zoom

Forum is happening  FULLY ONLINE AGAIN as local Covid numbers have surged.  We will resume the in person option when it’s safe to do so.  Zoom link is and Passcode is GraceForum.

We begin at 9:15am for check-ins and conversation happens 9:30-10:15am. Email Amber at with any questions or for more information.

Vestry Nominations Open
Nominations to Vestry remain open.  If you are interested in serving in this capacity or know of someone who might be so called, please contact a member of the nominating committee, Paul DeConinck, Julie DeCook, Mick Shorle or Rev. Jen. You can also contact the Church Office. The committee will recruit and discerns a slate of four people and the slate will be announced on December 19. Per Grace by-laws nominations will then open again until January 2 should there be a desire to add to the slate. Four people will be elected at the Annual Meeting on January 22. 

This year’s pledge drive begins and continues with a big THANK YOU!  Thank you, God. And thank you people of Grace, for your presence, your prayers, and the gifts of all kinds which you offer this community of faith.  Even as we trudge through another round of Covid challenges, you continue to rise to the occasion, by offering love and good care.  THANK YOU!

Over the past year of life with Grace, we have shared Communion at the sanctuary altar, in the parking lot and side yard of Grace, and in homes and nursing homes throughout this community.  We have led the effort of feeding hungry people through the shared ministry that is Food Club and we feasted with the Rodriguez Matos family as they moved from the Parish House into their new Habitat home, having come to us as refugees.  We have sung and streamed and stood on all kinds of sacred ground as we embrace long-timers and welcome newcomers of all ages into this community of faith!  Over the past year, we have come together to grieve, to celebrate, to serve, to continue to care for one another and our neighbors too.  

Our pledge goal for 2022 is $420,000, a less than two percent increase over this year’s total as we work hard to be good and grateful stewards all that God has given us.  As we prepare for the new year, we ask everyone who can increase their pledge to please do so and if you have yet to pledge, please begin now! Part of the beauty of Life with Grace is that it is always a genuinely shared effort.  Every gift makes a difference.  Our current total pledged is $226,000.

Pledge cards can be submitted electronically at any time. See the link below. Detail on the ways in which financial gifts can be given including Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) is available there too.  We ask that pledges be turned in by Sunday, November 28, the First Sunday in Advent, to help Vestry plan for the new year!

Life with Grace is an adventure, a loving and hopeful adventure in faith that gathers us as God’s people and blesses us beyond what we could ever ask for or imagine!  Thank you people of Grace, for your presence, your prayers and all the gifts you give. 

Click HERE for the Online Pledge Form 

Click HERE for a description of all the ways to Give to Grace

We will be sending out a Weekly Newsletter that is called Grace to You. If you do not receive this, please email the church office at to get your email added! After we send out, we will be posting it here as well. 

Grace to You: 1/14/2022

Grace to You: 1/7/2022

Grace to You: 12/31/21

Grace to You: 12/23/21

Grace to You: 12/19/2021

Grace to You: 12/12/2021

Grace to You: 12/5/2021

Ministry with Refugees

This summer, we celebrated with the Rodriguez-Matos family as they moved from Grace into their new Habitat for Humanity home!   In partnership with St Francis Catholic Parish and Bethany Christian Services, we welcomed the Rodriguez Matoses as refugees and provided what they needed to begin again. We walked with them as they learned how to make Holland, Michigan home.  It was an incredible journey for us all.

We are now engaging a new phase of this ministry. The Parish House is being renewed – refreshing paint and floors and doing some needed maintenance.  Our Facilities Director, Jim Theis and his wife are living in the house and doing the work.  This coming summer the Parish House will open up again as Jim and Sandy complete the work and move into their new home currently being built. 

Our Outreach and Social Justice leads are working now with folks from St Francis and also All Saints Episcopal Church in Saugatuck, planning to again partner with Bethany and also Lighthouse Immigration Advocates. We are working to engage ways to support refugees now while also looking forward to potentially hosting another family, later in 2022. 

Communities across West Michigan (including Ottawa, Kent, and Muskegon Counties) are beginning to welcome more than 280 adults and many children who are newly arrived from Afghanistan.  We’re finding ways to help now – read on and also stay tuned for more!

Contact Elizabeth Brubaker or the Church Office if you would like to be part of a “Refugee Ministry Leadership  Team.”  This is the group that will meet regularly with leads from the other congregations to coordinate efforts with each other, Bethany and Lighthouse.  We need a few more folks to help out with coordination and planning.
Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates (LIA) has a new legal clinic to serve the legal needs of the influx of newcomers to achieve safety and stability. LIA is the only nonprofit law office in Ottawa County serving immigrants and refugees regardless of income.  Financial support is needed as soon as possible for this clinic to offset significant legal fees, translation and interpreter costs, and hospitality expenses. LIA will provide over half a million dollars of legal services at no cost to refugees. The Clinic designed by the LIA Legal Team will provide every refugee with the appropriate legal services to transition from temporary humanitarian parole status into full asylum status. Applications must be made for asylum for refugees who would face persecution, torture, or worse, if they returned to their home countries. Refugees have 1 year from the date of entry into the United States to apply for asylum.  Learn more about the program by visiting the Refugee Program page on LIA’s website at or by emailing
You can make a contribution through Grace’s Beyond Grace Fund or directly to LIA.

Bethany Christian Services Refugee Resettlement Program
Refugee resettlement is the work we have done and hope to continue with St Francis and now All Saints, Saugatuck too as we Co-Sponsor a family.  This is a six-month to one year commitment that does NOT involve providing housing.  It is a way for us to offer support before the Parish House is again available.  Bethany secures housing and a team of people (folks from each church) collectively supports a refugee family. We’ll prepare their apartment with necessities, welcome them at the airport, and provide other services such as English tutoring or cultural assistance. Follow the link above to learn more.  If you are interested in serving on a Resettlement Team contact the Church Office or Elizabeth Brubaker as we explore the possibilities.
Thank you, Grace for helping people who have lost so much, find welcome and home again.

Food Club with Community Action House

This month (and the many to follow) Grace is in the House, Community Action House for the grand opening of the shared ministry that is Food Club.  THANK YOU, Grace for feeding hungry people!  If you are already signed up to serve, Thank You!  If you’d like to serve (generally once a month) but haven’t yet signed up, contact the Church Office. 

If you’d like to learn more about Food Club and
Opportunity Hub, look here

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