Sunday Services: 8:30AM and 10:30AM

Wednesday Service: 9:30AM

All services of Holy Eucharist (8:30 and 10:30am on Sundays, 9:30am on Wednesdays) are open to anyone who would like to participate in-person (no sign up required).  We will also continue to stream the 10:30 Sunday service online via FBLive and YouTube

December 4 : Advent 2
8:30am    Holy Eucharist (sanctuary) 
10:30am   Holy Eucharist (sanctuary & FBLive/YouTube)
10:30am    Growing Into Worship
11:45am     Middle School Meet
12:00pm   Adult Forum & Labyrinth Walk 
The labyrinth is laid out in the undercroft for the first two weeks of Advent for anyone who would like to go down and prayerfully walk it. There are guides down there to help and teach.

Dec 11: Advent 3
8:30am    Holy Eucharist (sanctuary) 
10:30am   Holy Eucharist (sanctuary & FBLive/YouTube)
10:30am   Growing Into Worship 
12:00pm   Adult Forum & Labyrinth Walk
3:00pm     Celebration of New Ministry with Rev. Alicia
The labyrinth is laid out in the undercroft for the first two weeks of Advent for anyone who would like to go down and prayerfully walk it. There are guides down there to help and teach.

Weekday Services
     Wednesday Service of Holy Eucharist at 9:30am (sanctuary)
     Daily Service of NoonDay Prayer  (on FB Live)

Weekday Prayer 
Noonday Prayer  is offered every Monday through Friday via Facebook Live. Join us on Grace’s Facebook page or link or via our website. Please share this invitation with friends, family, anyone whom you think could benefit from this prayerful pause in the day.  If you have a BCP, open to page 103 (English BCP) or page 67 (Spanish BCP).  You can also simply pray along with us.   

Worship Service Bulletins 
Bulletins will be printed for those who would like one onsite. You can also bring an electronic device and pull up an electronic bulletin there. Prior to every Sunday, we will send out service bulletins via email and a link will be posted on all streaming platforms before the service.  Contact the Grace Office if you would like to receive one regularly in your email box.

Growing into Worship
At the beginning of the 10:30 service, kids will meet in the back pew of the sanctuary. We will then process in and head into the kid’s space through the sacristy and “secret staircase.” We will rejoin the congregation at the Passing of the Peace. We pray, worship, and create together.  

Middle School Meet 
Middle schoolers, 6th – 8th grade, are invited to share a meal, have good conversations, and play games after the second service on the first and third Sunday of each month. After the Service, Middle Schoolers will head downstairs into the youth room.

Grace Refugee Co-sponsorship
This fall we’ve been preparing to receive another refugee family to live in our Parish House. We have this ministry in partnership with Bethany Christian Services, St. Francis Catholic Parish and All Saints Episcopal.  THANK YOU, Grace members and friends for furnishings, kitchen items, and gift cards given! We’ve been blessed with all we could have hoped for and now await the arrival of a family.

When we learn more from Bethany we will be able to take final steps of preparation. Please pray for whoever this family is or will be as they make their way to Holland, Michigan.  May there travel be safe and our recaption filled with love and good care.

Pastoral Needs Fund
While it’s always the case that at least a few households in our congregation are experiencing one or another forms of crisis, this year has been particularly hard for some.  Several have asked how to give financial donations to Grace families in need. The Pastoral Needs Fund exists for this reason. Because of this Fund we are able to offer financial help with travel expenses, lodging and meal support incurred with long hospital stays, gas cards etc.  Contributions can be made to this Fund electronically via the website or by mailing in or placing a check in the offertory plate on Sunday with “Pastoral Needs Fund” in the memo line.  Thanks to all who have contributed over the past few years allowing Grace Church to offer support of many kinds.

Adult Sunday Forum Resumes
All are welcome to assemble in the Forum Room (downstairs and to the left) at 12pm on Sunday. This week we will gather and discuss our favorite Advent & Christmas music with the goal of compiling a list of music we can learn more about over the Sundays of Advent. Everyone is welcome, no prior preparation is needed!  Beginning Advent I, if you would like to hop with us via Zoom please reach out to Alicia to receive a Zoom link. As the Zoom room has been pretty empty the last several weeks this group will only open it if they know someone would like to join in that way. 

Grace Reads
An Advent Book of Days by Gregory Cameron
Meetings will be held at 10:30 am with the reading schedule below!
Wednesday, November 30 – Reading the Introduction and Days 1-6
Wednesday, December 7th – Reading Days 7 – 13
Wednesday, December 14th – Reading Days 14 -20
Wednesday, December 21th   Reading Days 21 – 25

Please contact Mary Huisman at to be added to the e-mail list.  Sessions will be both in-person in the Forum Room each Wednesday morning at 10:30 am and on ZOOM.  

We will be sending out a Weekly Newsletter that is called Grace to You. If you do not receive this, please email the church office at to get your email added! After we send out, we will be posting it here as well. 

Grace to You: 11/13/2022

Grace to You: 11/6/2022

Grace to You: 10/30/2022

Grace to You: 10/23/2022

Dear People of Grace,

As we enter into the annual pledge drive, I’m leaning into the gospel story known as “The Feeding of the Five Thousand.”  I invite you to lean in too.

In this story a large crowd of people gathered around Jesus. They’d come seeking healing or teaching or (depending on which gospel you tap) both. As the day wore on, the disciples suggested to Jesus that he send people away to go get something to eat. Jesus, however, had something else in mind. He often does.

Jesus invited the people to sit down and then asked the disciples to gather what food there was among them. In all of the gospels, the grand total was five loaves and two fish which made the disciples wonder aloud, “But what is that among so many people?”  

Jesus responded. He blessed and broke the bread and invited everyone to share. Suddenly there was more than enough for thousands. In one of the gospels, there were even twelve baskets left over!

As Grace Church, we live this story over and over again. It’s how annual giving and every offering of time, talent, and treasure works here. We come together to heal, to pray, to teach, to learn, and to serve. We gather gifts. We bless, we break, and we share. Over the course of every year, we as Grace Church, feed thousands of people in many different ways.  And it all happens because you and many give what you have and God does something miraculous with our gifts.

Our pledge goal for 2023 is $435,000, a seven percent increase over 2022. We’ve added a (part-time) clergy person, resumed nursery staff, contribute to the community beyond our doors, and remain committed to maintaining beautiful, functional buildings and grounds. Hitting this pledge goal will still leave us with a budget gap which we hope to cover with designated funds and special gifts. 

We realize that for some, an increase in giving will not be possible. Others will be able to do more and if you have never submitted a pledge to Grace, now’s the time!  EVERY gift makes a difference. We’ve set a pledge goal that we know is a stretch, but if everyone leans in and offers their loaves and fish, there will be enough. 

Pledge cards can be submitted electronically at any time by hitting the button below which will take you to the form. A description on the ways to give is also linked below. We encourage using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). This method of giving has helped us stabilize our giving patterns, so if you haven’t signed up yet, please consider signing on. We ask that pledges be submitted  as soon as possible to help Vestry plan for the new year.

Please prayerfully consider your annual gift to Grace and give what you can. It’s how miracles happen.

On behalf of the Stewardship Pledge Team, 
Rev. Jen 
The Rev. Jennifer Adams, Rector

Click HERE for the Online Pledge Form 

Click HERE for a description of all the ways to Give to Grace


Executive Committee:
Rev. Jen Adams, Rector
Jeff Erickson, Sr. Warden & Communications
Holly Anderson, Clerk
DuAnne Masselink, Treasurer

Krista Babbitt, Communications 
Pam Brown, Building and Grounds & Creation Care
Julie De Cook, Digital Ministry
David Hawley-Lowry, Fellowship
Brian Paff, Pledge Drive/Fundraising
Kris Pierce, Hispanic/Latino Ministry
Matt Schmidt, Worship & Digital Ministry
Robbie Schorle, Outreach and Social Justice & Anti-Racism Efforts
John Shea, Fellowship
Chris Wennersten, Worship

Support for Ukraine through Episcopal Relief and Development

Episcopal Relief & Development continues to provide humanitarian assistance to people fleeing the violence in Ukraine, working with our Anglican partners in Europe and ACT Alliance (a global coalition of over 140 faith-based organizations). Follow the link below to contribute knowing that your gift will help provide cash, blankets,  hygiene supplies and other needed assistance. You can follow this link to get to ER&D’s contribution page.  You may also make a contribution to Grace with “Ukraine” in the memo and we will make the contribution to ER&D.   

Grace Refugee Co-sponsorship
This fall we are looking to co-sponsor a refugee family with St. Francis and All Saints churches.  At this time, we have been blessed with all the furniture and lamps and kitchen items we could have hoped for – a big thank you to so many who kept this ministry in mind!  We are now shifting our focus to gift cards from Meijer and Target for the purchase of towels and linens and a new set of queen size mattresses, to be purchased once we are paired with a family. Please drop off any gift card donations at the office during the week, or leave them in the offering plate during services.  Thank you!

Communities across West Michigan (including Ottawa, Kent, and Muskegon Counties) are beginning to welcome more than 280 adults and many children who are newly arrived from Afghanistan.  We’re finding ways to help now – read on and also stay tuned for more!

Contact the Church Office if you would like to be part of a “Refugee Ministry Leadership  Team.”  This is the group that will meet regularly with leads from the other congregations to coordinate efforts with each other, Bethany and Lighthouse.  We need a few more folks to help out with coordination and planning.

Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates (LIA) has a new legal clinic to serve the legal needs of the influx of newcomers to achieve safety and stability. LIA is the only nonprofit law office in Ottawa County serving immigrants and refugees regardless of income.  Financial support is needed as soon as possible for this clinic to offset significant legal fees, translation and interpreter costs, and hospitality expenses. LIA will provide over half a million dollars of legal services at no cost to refugees. The Clinic designed by the LIA Legal Team will provide every refugee with the appropriate legal services to transition from temporary humanitarian parole status into full asylum status. Applications must be made for asylum for refugees who would face persecution, torture, or worse, if they returned to their home countries. Refugees have 1 year from the date of entry into the United States to apply for asylum.  Learn more about the program by visiting the Refugee Program page on LIA’s website at or by emailing
You can make a contribution through Grace’s Beyond Grace Fund or directly to LIA.

Bethany Christian Services Refugee Resettlement Program
Refugee resettlement is the work we have done and hope to continue with St Francis and now All Saints, Saugatuck too as we Co-Sponsor a family.  This is a six-month to one year commitment that does NOT involve providing housing.  It is a way for us to offer support before the Parish House is again available.  Bethany secures housing and a team of people (folks from each church) collectively supports a refugee family. We’ll prepare their apartment with necessities, welcome them at the airport, and provide other services such as English tutoring or cultural assistance. Follow the link above to learn more.  If you are interested in serving on a Resettlement Team contact the Church Office as we explore the possibilities.

Thank you, Grace for helping people who have lost so much, find welcome and home again.

Food Club with Community Action House
Grace has partnered with Community Action House and we are proud to say that we make up a large part of the volunteers of Food Club. They are still always looking for help and it is a great way to get connected with Grace folks & the greater Holland community. THANK YOU, Grace for feeding hungry people!  If you are already signed up to serve, Thank You!  If you’d like to serve (generally once a month) but haven’t yet signed up, contact the Church Office. 

If you’d like to learn more about Food Club and Opportunity Hub, look here.