Sunday Services: 8:30AM and 10:30AM

Wednesday Service: 9:30AM

The next forty years were a time of stabilization, despite rectors staying, on average, for less than three years. For more than thirty years, Grace’s rector also served the Saugatuck parish. Soon after the turn of the century, Grace was able to add a Guild Room, a rectory, and a pipe organ.

Occasional signing services were held for the hearing-impaired (led by a diocesan General Missionary to Deaf-Mutes) and summer services on Ottawa Beach. But in the Depression, when the rectory had to be sold to make ends meet, it became more difficult to call and keep priests.

Sometimes the parish had to settle for a seminarian. Especially important during this time was a succession of dedicated lay members, women and men, who helped keep Grace going and growing.

The 25-year ministry of Father Warner began in 1943. By mid-century Grace had 300 communicants and it was time to relocate to where the church building now stands. Fr. Warner led the parish through this major undertaking and then, in the turbulent 60s, helped set the course for a positive response to movements such as liturgical reform and concern about racism at home and the needs of developing nations abroad. His sudden death in 1968 left much still to be done in several important areas.