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Dr. Charles Huttar is an expert on the stained glass windows at Grace Church, and he will be doing a special tour of the windows during the adult education forum in January. In the meantime, he has created this guide to the Grace Church window zoo! It is especially appropriate that we publish this blog post this week because October 4 is the Feast of St. Francis, the patron saint of animals.

Can you find all the animals in the Grace Church zoo? Grab a friend, go on a hunt, and make sure to share your discoveries with Charles!

  • First, there are a number of birds to discover: 4 doves; 2 phoenixes; a pelican, and 5 other birds             
  • There are 6 sheep or lambs. Also, there is something strange about one of the sheep—can you spot it?  
  • Representing aquatic life, there are 3 fish and three 3 seashells             
  • There are 2 snakes. Hissssssss.               
  • And there are a number of other animals: 2 horses; a deer; a donkey; a camel; a pig; a cow, and a butterfly                     
  • BONUS QUESTION: Can you find anything for them to eat? Bananas? Grapes? Anything else?