Sunday Services: 8:30AM and 10:30AM

Wednesday Service: 9:30AM

In the Tour de France you ride 21 days through some amazing European topography. In the Tour de Grace you ride 150 years through the fascinating history of Grace Episcopal Church. All in under half an hour. Sure, you won’t get the strenuous exercise of the race, but our casual pace will take you past all three former building sites and bring us to a picnic at Pilgrim Home Cemetery. There we will celebrate the communion of saints at the grave sites of Grace founders, Heber and Jenny Walsh and Sarah and Manley Howard. And this year you don’t even need a bicycle! Everyone is invited to join us at the picnic whichever way you wish to travel. (Of course, you really have been waiting for a reason to take your bike of the hook, right?)

All the details will soon be published but put it on your calendar now: September 30 following 10:30 worship.

This is the third annual Tour de Grace, a project started by the Creation Care group in 2016. These biking events are for the entire family with different length rides around Holland, including to Windmill Island. We encourage everyone to attend and enjoy the great outdoors!

Submitted by: Phil Harrington