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Wednesday Service: 9:30AM - 10:15AM
Due to the Coronavirus, Grace will not be meeting or worshipping onsite until at least June 12. See the COVID-19 tab for more information, invitations, and opportunities.

During the summer months we are in the church season called Pentecost. During Pentecost we celebrate the Spirit of God having come among us to be with us and shape us into God’s people.

The Spirit was also present way back in the work of Creation, blowing over the deep waters and bringing breath and life to what God made. And the Spirit is still present creating and recreating God’s world.

And so this season we invite you to notice God’s world. To look around you every day and see what God has made and draw, color, or paint some of it! Draw something that catches your attention and makes you say,

“Thanks, God!” or “Wow, God!” or “How did you do that, God?”


Look around. And then make pictures of what you see. Keep your pictures in the box we gave you. We gave you paper to start but add lots more!

Notice trees and animals and lakes and clouds and the sky. Notice your family and friends and butterflies and bugs. Notice your family and friends and butterflies and bugs. Notice the sunshine and the stars. Notice flowers.

And at the end of summer, show us what you saw! We’ll invite you to bring your boxes full of pictures to church late this summer so that we can celebrate the Spirit moving in the world and moving through all of you.

Thanks, Grace kids and youth (and families) for helping us see and for helping us give our thanks and praise to God!


Rev. Jen, Rev. Jodi, and Rev. Christian