October 26th, 2017

“Stirring It Up To Heal”

  • Hola, Jen, desde Mexico!
    Hello from Mexico!

    It is early Sunday morning here on the island, and as Shar and I enjoy our cups of hot tea, we have read two of your archived sermons from Grace’s website. We will do the Sunday readings later from, and we will read from Day By Day and the same from Dia A Dia in Spanish.

    Most of the day is spent simply sitting on the beach, reading our books and watching the passing scene of visitors from all over the world who come to this island.

    While it feels safe and tranquil, the police and military are highly visible. We were enjoying dinner at a sidewalk restaurant a couple of nights ago, when a police officer wearing a bullet proof vest walked by.

    The daily Spanish language newspapers always have pictures of the latest casualties in the drug gang turf wars over on the mainland.

    But we are safe and thankful to God that we are able to enjoy this place together.

    We hope you and our early church service friends are well.

    Dan and Shar Aument


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