Sunday Morning Education Hour (9:15-10:15am)

Holy Ground (grades 6-12)

Come be, just be in the Youth Room. The space is quiet.  There is no program.  There are pillows and drawing materials and space and time to be with self and God. Occasionally there will be a guided reflection or gentle conversation but this is space to rest and “be still with God” for our teens whose lives are very busy and very full.

Sunday Forum

Youth who would like to are encouraged to participate in any or all of the Sunday Forums held in the lower level Forum Room each Sunday during Education hour.  Topics are listed in the Sunday insert, online and in the brochure on Adult Education at Grace.

Youth Groups 

Youth (grades 6th-12th) are invited to meet once a month in our Grace youth groups.  The activities are intentionally centered on themes of spiritual formation, fellowship, and service.  The calendar for the first half of the program year is listed below with specific times and other details provided in upcoming announcements.  Contact the Church Office or Debbie Coyle at! Know that friends are encouraged and welcomed to all Grace Youth events.

A Time for “Wonder” (the movie)
Sunday, December 17: 12:00 – 3:45*
We’ll begin with lunch at Grace and then go see the move, “Wonder,” an approvimately 1:40 showing. No RSVP. *Parents will pick up at the theater.

Let’s Go Bowling!
Sunday, January 7: 12:00 – 3:00
We’ll eat lunch and leave from Grace at about 12:30 for an afternoon of bowling. No RSVP required.

Annual Meeting Meal Planning
Sunday, January 14, 12:00 – 1:00
Calling all Grace Youth for this one-hour planning huddle!  Through our role as pilgrims, we will plan, prepare, and serve the meal for the the parish Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 28th.  This is our THANK YOU to Grace for the ways in which they contribute to youth ministry in their hours of serving at Tulip Time’s Marketplaatz and offering other means of support.

The State of Grace – The Parish Annual Meeting
Sunday, January 28, 4:00pm – 8:00pm
It’s time to serve!  Grace Youth will prepare and serve the meal for the parish’s Annual Meeting as a way to say “Thank you” for the support our parish family provides us.  ALL hands on deck for this one!

Playin’ In the Snow (hopefully- or at least Playin’)
A Youth Overnight Saturday, February 17 at 9:00am through Sunday, February 18 at noon
More detail to come as we determine the best site for a little winter fun.

Grace Cheers! All the Time- Let us know when you have events outside of Grace (games, plays, concerts…) Your Grace Youth friends and leadaers would like to come out and support you! Talk to Debbie, Phil, or Howard as they work with you to gather your fans!