Sunday Morning Education Hour (9:15-10:15am)

Holy Ground (grades 6-12)

Come be, just be in the Youth Room. The space is quiet.  There is no program.  There are pillows and drawing materials and space and time to be with self and God. Occasionally there will be a guided reflection or gentle conversation but this is space to rest and “be still with God” for our teens whose lives are very busy and very full.

Sunday Forum

Youth who would like to are encouraged to participate in any or all of the Sunday Forums held in the lower level Forum Room each Sunday during Education hour.  Topics are listed in the Sunday insert, online and in the brochure on Adult Education at Grace.

Youth Groups 

Marktplaats Thanks you! Thank you to everyone who helped out at Marktplaats! A special thanks to Debbie Coyle, Alex Foster, Renee Krueger, and Prescott Slee, for your leadership & coordination. We will have numbers in soon for the amount earned for the Grace Youth fund. All the time and care given this project is greatly appreciated. Look to hear more from youth soon!

Peace Camp is coming our way for Summer 2018!  This is a collaborative kids’ day camp hosted at First Presbyterian Church with Grace and other local churches participating too.  Last year several Grace kids participated and had a wonderful time.  Dates for this year’s camp are June 18 – 22nd with each day running from 9am – 3pm.  To register, you may go online at

Grace Youth Mission Trip (July 23-27)  Grace youth and their leaders will be traveling to Tennessee to feed people this summer! Grace youth took this trip in 2014 and it reported it as one to “definitely offer again” and so we are!  We’ll be working for three days gleaning on a farm through the End Hunger program of the Society of St Andrews.  If you are going, please note these important preparation meeting dates:

June 13: 7-8:30 in the Forum Room

July 10: 7-8:30 in the Forum Room

July 22: 10AM Service & loading up packs!