Children’s Ministries

Sunday Mornings (starting Sept 17)

Activate Faith! Sunday School

(4yr old-5th grade)- 9:15-10:15am

Join us for this wonderful Sunday School experience using the SparkHouse curriculum called Activate Faith.  We are grateful to our wonderful group of teachers: Kim Shea, Julie Goglola DeCook, Judy and Megan Linn, Cherie DeCook, and Brian Coyle for leading our kids!  Visit this link to see what the Activate Faith (Rotation Model) is all about as kids explore the stories of Scritpure through various mediums such as art, drama, music, science, cooking and more!  Debbie Coyle is on board to be our Children and Youth Ministries support person. Join us!

Growing Into Worship – (4yr old-2nd grade) – 10:30am 

This worship opportunity for Grace “littles” is held during the 10:30 am Sunday service. Kids sit in the back pew before the 10:30 service starts and then join in the procession when the service begins.  They move downstairs for the first part of the service to share in their own “Liturgy of the Word” as they hear a Bible story, reflect on it together, and offer their own prayers for themselves, their families and friends, and God’s world.  They rejoin the congregation at The Passing of the Peace and join with us in Holy Communion.  Kids are welcome to join this special worship experience or remain in the pew with their family for the entire service.


All Grace members ages 3rd grade and up are invited to serve as Acolytes. Acolytes serve as leaders in our Sunday morning services, supporting the clergy and carrying the important symbols of our prayer: the cross, the gospel, and the light. Kids, youth and adults serve together on teams of four to six about and each team serves about once every five weeks.  Stay tuned for a Fall training will be posted soon.  Sign up in the Commons and plan to join us!


Trained and ‘Safeguarding God’s Children’* certified staff are in our nursery Sunday mornings from 9:00am-12:00pm for kids ages infant through three years old.  Children of all ages are absolutely welcome in our worship services, but sometimes families prefer this nursery environment for their little ones.

Beyond Sundays

Kids and Families At Home:

In addition to the formation that happens at Church, Grace recognizes “at home with family” as another primary setting in which Christian formation takes place.  And so, every liturgical season, Grace provides a take home resource for families with children.  The resource is available in the Commons for pick-up.  The Episcopal tradition also offers daily prayer and readings (check out the Book of Common Prayer!) that are easily integrated into the lives of our members. 

Family Chow

As a branch of our Holy Chow ministry which is a monthly gathering of Grace folks in small groups, families are invited to sign up to participate in Family Chow where parents and kids jump in together.  Families of all shapes and sizes are grouped together to eat together two to three times in members homes over the course of three months.  Then the pot is stirred again and new small groups are formed.  This is a wonderful and simple way to connect with other Grace families. Sign up sheets are in the Commons if interested!

*What is Safeguarding God’s Children, you ask?

All of our youth leaders, Sunday School teachers, and nursery care workers are Safeguarding certified.  From The Episcopal Church’s website: “The Safeguarding God’s Children program was developed to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse in everyday life and ministry. By keeping our children safe we can empower them to grow, receiving and responding to God’s love.”



*All education & formation programs meet the Safeguarding God’s Children guidelines
for safety as outlined by the Diocese.