Sunday Services: 8:15AM - 9:00AM and 10:30AM - 11:30AM

Wednesday Service: 9:30AM - 10:15AM
Due to the Coronavirus, Grace will currently not be meeting or worshipping onsite. See the COVID-19 tab for more information, invitations, and opportunities.

Grace during COVID-19

The Sundays of Epiphany

10:30AM  Readings, Reflections, and Prayers (on Facebook Live)
This is an abbreviated “Liturgy of The Word” led by Rev Jen with music from Steve Jenkins.  The readings for this Sunday can be found here in English and Spanish

11:15am  Service of Holy Eucharist at the National Cathedral (found here

Communion at Grace: Given the current surge of infections, the Episcopal Bishops and diocesan leaders of Michigan have revised the Covid-19 guidelines.  Since we at Grace had already paused on indoor Communion Pods and any groups that had been meeting outdoors were back online due to weather, this shift won’t effect the day-to-day ministries of Grace.  Most of the staff will continue to work from home with Nancy and Mary in the office a couple of times a week and as needed.  Jim and a wonderful B&G crew will continue to care for the building and grounds.  All Grace classes, groups, and meetings will gather via Zoom.  We will continue to stream daily Noonday Prayer and Friday Compline via Facebook. And Liturgy of the Word will still be streamed from inside the church every Sunday at 10:30am.

What has changed is how we celebrate Holy Eucharist and distribute Communion. The frequency of Communion will remain the same.  The HOW will change: Instead of  “processing” to Grace following the Liturgy of the Word and gathering outdoors for the Eucharistic Prayer and to receive, we will now stream the entire service from inside the church.  You will pray through the Eucharistic Prayer at home and then process to Grace to receive the sacrament. 

The ministration (distribution) of Communion will begin onsite at 11:30: When you drive into Grace, you will join what we hope will be a steady, easy procession through the Grace lot.  Remain in your car as you are guided to either me or a Lay Eucharistic Minister and as you pull up to us, we will offer you the Body of Christ.  We will be masked and ask that you wear one too.  Those who do not wish to receive communion onsite can pray the prayer for Spiritual Communion which we will include at the conclusion of the Eucharistic Prayer.  We will also continue to deliver Home Communion to those who request it and are always happy to add to the list.   

Sunday, January 24 
10:30AM Service of Holy Eucharist (on Facebook Live)
11:30AM  Distribution of Communion Onsite
11:15 AM  Holy Eucharist with the National Cathedral

Worship “Bulletins” and Guides
Prior to every Sunday, we’ll send out mini-bulletins via email. Let us know if you’d like one.  They’re also them available here on our website and Facebook pageThe bulletins will contain links to the Sunday readings, prayers, and any music we will be using that morning.

Noonday Prayers via Facebook Live are being offered daily.  That will continue through Holy Week and beyond! Join us on Grace’s Facebook page or link via our website and please share this invitation with friends, family, anyone whom you think could benefit from this little prayerful pause in the day.  If you have a BCP open to page 103 (English BCP) or page 67 (Spanish BCP).  You can also simply pray along with us.

Not sure how to access Facebook Live on your device? Click here for step by step instructions.

Weekly Sunday Bulletins

If you are interested in receiving the weekly Sunday bulletins, weekly newsletter, and/or the weekly prayer list – please email the office at and we will get you on the send list. If you’d like a specific Sunday bulletin from the past, please let us know and we will email that to you separately. 

Grace Kids

Going Into Worship: Let’s come together to pray, sing, and worship in Growing into Worship. We are meeting on January 3, 17, & 31. If you need the Zoom Room link please contact Sarah Shea. 

Grace in a Bag: January Grace in a Bag went out this past week. If you did not get one but want one please let Sarah Shea know and she would be happy to bring some Grace right to your door! There are some very fun Epiphany crafts this month. 

Grace Youth

Hangout: Mark your calendars Grace youth, January 20 we will be having another virtual game night! The night begins at 7:00 pm and we will be playing a variety of “Jackbox” games. Be on the lookout for an email soon with more information.

Serve: Grace youth serve is still on hold for now. We are hopeful that we can start this up again soon, but for now, we will pause. If you still want to “serve” in January, consider making a box for Community Action House or getting an Episco-Pal. Feel free to contact Sarah with any questions.

Sunday Forum, January 24: 9:30AM-10:15AM

Information coming for this week soon!

Jeremiah Study

Jeremiah: Walking Into and Out of the Abyss, A Teaching by Walter Brueggemann.   
The book of Jeremiah is arguably complex, confusing, and even disturbing.  According to Walter Brueggemann, it is also an artistically intricate attempt to reflect one man’s call and commitment, to making known the mind and heart of God in a time of collective social indifference and imminent crisis.  In this series, Brueggemann combines historical, literary, theological, sociopolitical, and economic considerations to present an approach to studying and understanding the book of Jeremiah that helps to make the text relevant, as well as significant, to our time and place.  Learn more about Walter Brueggemann here  This is a four-part video lecture series, made available online by St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Cincinnati.  Group discussion will take place during our regular Sunday morning adult forum hours January 24th through February 14th

If you’re interested and have questions or would like to participate, please sign-up by emailing me (Amber) at  Each week on Monday, prior to our Sunday morning discussion, I will email participants with an outline and a study guide, a link to the video teaching, and Zoom login information.  You’ll need to watch the entire video with the attached study guide before we meet for discussion.  The first email with content will go out on Monday, January 18th, but feel free to sign up for the study as late as January 22nd.  Adult forum meets Sunday mornings via Zoom, beginning at 9:15am for check-ins and followed by group discussion from 9:30-10:15am.

Grace Reads 2021

Love Is The Way:  Holding on to Hope in Troubling Times By Michael Curry with Sara Grace

Walk the path of love with one of the warmest, most beloved spiritual leaders of our time, and learn how to put faith into action. As the descendant of slaves and the son of a civil rights activist, Bishop Michael Curry’s life illustrates massive changes in our times. Much of the world met Bishop Curry when he delivered his sermon on the redemptive power of love at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle. Here, he expands on his message of hope in an inspirational road map for living the way of love, illuminated with moving lessons from his own life. Through the prism of his faith, ancestry, and personal journey, Love Is the Way shows us how America came this far and, more important, how to go a whole lot further.

The way of love is essential for addressing the seemingly insurmountable challenges facing the world today: poverty, racism, selfishness, deep ideological divisions, competing claims to speak for God. This book will lead readers to discover the gifts they need in order to live the way of love: deep reservoirs of hope and resilience, simple wisdom, the discipline of nonviolence, and unshakable regard for human dignity.  Note:  All sessions will be on ZOOM! 

To participate please e-mail or call Mary Huisman at, (616-403-1544) and also let me know if you need a copy of the book; it can be ordered from Reader’s World with about two weeks’ notice for a special order, or it is available on  

The Gifts of God for the People of God: Update on Communion Distribution. Click HERE!

Phase 2.1 from Grace’s Transition Team: Click HERE!

Holy Week and Easter Reflection: Click HERE!

We will be sending out a Weekly Newsletter that is called Grace to You. If you do not receive this, please email the church office at to get your email added! After we send out, we will be posting it here as well. 

Grace to You: 1/15/2021: Click HERE

Grace to You: 1/8/2021: Click HERE

Grace to You: 12/31/2020: Click HERE

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Grace to You: 11/6/2020: Click HERE 

We’ve received several questions regarding how to give financially to Grace through the Covid-19 crisis.  Thank you! We also fully recognize that some in our community will not be able to give as planned. We trust that in all of this, God will take care of us, and we’ll take care of each other.  We’ll also continue to support local organizations like Community Action House that are providing food and other support for the most vulnerable in our community. Here are many ways in which you can give, or continue to give to Grace.

Amazon Smile 

AmazonSmile is a simple way for you to support Grace at NO cost to you, every time you shop.  Amazon will donate .5% of the purchase price of eligible items (which are many) when you use Smile.  It just takes a minute to set this up and the benefit to Grace Church is immediate. Click here to learn more. Simply indicate Grace Episcopal Church in Holland, Michigan as your charity of choice and shop on.

Donation Button on our Grace’s Webpage

Grace has a GIVE button on the mainpage of our website for one-time gifts to be donated via Paypal.

Pledging to Grace

Pledges provide over eighty-five percent of Grace’s Annual Operating Budget which supports our worship, children and youth ministries, congregational care, outreach, care of our building and grounds, and all of our programs of formation. We receive some funds from endowment earnings and other special gifts, but it is the annual giving of Grace members and friends that sustains the mission and ministries of our congregation.

Pledge cards can be submitted electronically at any time. See the link below. Detail on the ways in which financial gifts can be given is included here too. If you have any questions, please contact the parish office at and Mary will answer your question or connect you to someone who can. 

With thanks from the Grace Pledge Drive Team, Brian Paff, Holly Anderson, Connie Remenschneider, and Rev. Jen Adams.



Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) for Pledges

A significant number of Grace pledges are given through Electronic Fund Transfer.  Thank you, Grace! This means that the donations are received whether or not we’re able to come to church in-person.  EFT is easy to set up and Nancy in our Finance office can help you if you’d like to change over to this form of giving.  Know also that EFT can be stopped should you need to and we know that this might be the case for some as the Covid situation unfolds. Please contact Nancy for help and more information at


You can work with your bank directly to set up a pattern of auto-withdrawal for donations to Grace.  Nancy can give you the information you need from Grace to be able to make this happen


We are picking up Grace Church’s mail at the Post Office every Monday and making deposits at the bank every week, so know that if you send in your gift via the mail, it will be very gratefully received and handled.

The Grace Pastoral Needs Fund

Donations to Grace’s Pastoral Needs Fund are always needed, and the days and months to come without a doubt, they will be. There will be families in our congregation who need help as we navigate the economic impact of of Covid-19.  This Fund is overseen by the Rector.

The Beyond Grace Fund

This fund is used for purposes beyond the ministries and community of Grace. Through Beyond Grace, we make contributions to local organizations and more broadly to Episcopal Relief and Development that offers support around the world.

We are very grateful for every gift that comes to Grace Church and for you continued support through this crisis. We are listening and responding prayerfully to the needs of our church, our community, and the world. 

From Grace’s Outreach team:

Thanksgiving is a time to find respite with family and loved ones. This year more than most, we know that these meals are crucial to restoring hope and continuing to move forward. To that end, Community Action House is asking for individuals to pack Holiday Helpings Boxes and drop them off by Friday, November 20th, at our Food Pantry (345 West 14th St). With your help, we’ll safely provide 5,000 of our neighbors with groceries and others resources. We’ll add specialty Thanksgiving items (including a whole turkey) and additional fresh food items (like potatoes, fresh fruit, and dairy items) to provide each family with 7-10 days worth of food in addition to their Thanksgiving meal. Click here to see everything you need to know to pack and deliver a Thanksgiving box. 

Ways You Can Help Care for the Community, from Holland Hospital: 

They are in need of masks, gowns and other protective gear at our local hospital.  This link will take you to their site where they offer ways to make items, drop items and support our local healthcare workers who are doing all they can to care for us all.


Star Tree Gifts

It’s been an Advent tradition at Grace for us to have a “Star Tree” up in the Commons loaded with paper stars each with a gift on it for Grace folks to donate for families our congregation has supported through the Community Housing Partnership or for the past few years through our refugee ministry with the Rodriguez-Matos family.  As which so much this year, we’ve adapted the tradition so that it can carry on!

We asked the Rodriguez-Matos family what gift cards would be best for each of them this year.  As they prepare for their Habitat Home, Menards topped the list for Amaurys and Yusleydi. 16- year old Daniel and 11- year old Alba each picked Dick’s Sporting Goods. 10-year old Amaurys and almost 5-year old Anaurys picked Target.

Rather than purchase gifts for the family this year, you can make a donation to the Beyond Grace Fund (either by sending in a check or donating via the “GIVE” button on the main page of our website.)  We will then purchase the cards for each member of the family, and wrap them for delivery Christmas Eve. We’re looking forward to celebrating with the Rodriguez Matos family as the move into their Habitat house later next spring.  And we’re glad to have them with us for one more Christmas season.

Community Action House Holiday Food Boxes

Since COVID-19 entered Holland, the repercussions of school closures and economic disruption have been felt by everyone, and most acutely by those served by agencies like Community Action House.  Early in this pandemic, their food assistance tripled and has stayed at high levels.  Grace has been channeling our monthly Feeding America budget to CAH since we had to stop our onsite distribution and Grace folks have provided food boxes and also served at CAH over the past months.  As we face a challenging winter together, Our most vulnerable neighbors turn to CAH to help them in a time of uncertainty and struggle, and we can help.  Follow this link for details on how to provide a food box this season.  Or this link to make a financial donation.

Feeding America

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, many families are struggling to keep food on the table. You have the power, right now, to put a meal on a neighbor’s plate. Every $10 donation provides 40 meals worth of food! Click here to donate.