Pew Pals

any age in the pews

While we certainly invite all families to attend worship services together, we also know sometimes little people can absorb more if they have their bodies occupied doing something. Near the entrance of the sanctuary is container that holds our “pew pals” which contain a children’s bible, clip board with coloring/activities, and some quiet crayons. When worship is over, families simply return the bags to the box for use by the next folks who may need them.


0- 3 year olds

If you have an infant or toddler who would have a more enjoyable experience being about play in a safe and structured environment, you are invited to utilize our Nursery ministry which is staffed weekly with caring adults who’ve been thoroughly vetted for the protection and security of all. The staff simply need you to fill out a short form that gives us basic information about your child/children and how to get a hold of you should they need to.

Growing into Worship

Preschool – 2nd Grade

Growing Into Worship (GIW) is a unique liturgical experience for 4-7 year olds. While the folks in the pews are singing, praying, and listening to God’s Word, GIW kids are right under the altar (in the undercroft) doing the same thing, only slightly modified for their age group. It’s a sacred space for them to grow in love and be guided intentionally into how to participate more fully in our thanks and praise upstairs. The program runs from the beginning of the 10:30 worship service through the passing of the “Peace”. Children will be led back to their families at the passing of the “Peace”. Children may join in the group at any time during the worship service prior to “the Peace” at their parents’/guardians’ discretion.