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Grace is a dynamic community of faith grounded in Episcopal tradition, welcoming all, and serving Christ through worship, spiritual growth, and compassionate care for one another, the community and God's world.


Inspired by Grace Begins this Sunday!

Inspired by Grace: DRUM CIRCLE!
Sunday, July 15, 11:30-1:00, Grace Church Sanctuary

Everyone is welcome to join Jennifer Wolfe and Beth Trembley for a time of collaborative rhythm-making. Absolutely no drumming experience required! Drum circles help us listen more attentively to others. Playing hand drums engages us physically, mentally and spiritually. While drumming, we wordlessly communicate with one another and have fun creating something new that is bigger than all of us! We will bring drums to share, but feel free to bring any hand drums (preferable) or hand-held percussion instruments you have.

150 Years of Grace!

Join us as Grace turns 150 years old! Our year-long Sesquicentennial celebration begins June 10th with our Sunday services at 8:15 and 10:00am. Immediately following the 10:00 service we’ll process to the front yard for an unveiling and dedication of Holland’s newest historical marker, acknowledging 150 years of this Episcopal congregation. A celebratory luncheon will begin at 11:30 and then all are invited to a Grace Notes Recital at 1:00pm. Jazz saxophonist Jordan VanHemert is our recitalist. He will be joined by Graeme Richmond (cello) Rhonda Edgington (organ,) Steve Jenkins (harpsicord) and others. Join us this Sunday as we begin to celebrate 150 years of Grace!

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Inspired by Grace

From Mary Matrosic, Vestry Member

Mary Matrosic is the inspiration behind Inspired by Grace, a series of programs for our 150th anniversary that will enable Grace parishioners to share their passions and talents with our community, beginning on July 15.

When I started thinking back on the nearly 20 years I’ve been part of Grace, I thought about all the people I’ve met only to discover – either early on or years later – that they do something really cool or interesting on the side. The idea for Inspired by Grace came from that.

One of the first people I met here for whom this was true is Carol Rickey, who is an amazingly gifted water colorist. In fact, one of our favorite paintings that hangs in our house is a Carol Rickey watercolor. But you might not know that Carol has this talent until you know her awhile. She has so much to share.

And then I thought about other people … people like Prescott Slee, who is the one person I want to talk to before I host a large dinner. He knows more about the art and science of hospitality than anyone I’ve ever known.

Jay Bylsma is another example. I’ve known Jay for many years and he’s always in the kitchen when there’s a big event at Grace. But I never knew he baked bread until I sat with him at the last annual meeting dinner and learned he baked the fantastic bread we were eating.

People do a lot of interesting things and most people are willing to share – would love to share – their knowledge and passions with other people. So whether we have a few people or a few dozen people attend our Inspired by Grace programs, I think it’s a great way to share our gifts with one another.

I am a big believer that creativity and creative inspiration are something we are given as a gift from God. It’s in us waiting for a chance to be expressed. For some people, it’s through hospitality, for some it’s cooking, and for some it’s being able to sit and listen to others or organize a project and solve problems in creative ways.

All of this is creativity and all of it inspired. And Grace feeds that part of us. I’m excited that Inspired by Grace is opportunity for us to share those gifts with each other even more than we do today.

I invite everyone to join us for our first Inspired By Grace program, a Drum Circle with Beth Trembley and Jennifer Wolfe on Sunday, July 15 at 11:30.


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